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Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm Glad I Didn't Leave the Onion Thing Any Earlier Than I Did

Not to overshadow Jumbo Slice's excellent Dismemberment Plan review, but I happened upon this scene on my way home last night. Video courtesy of Channel 7. Watch as one local bystander confidently asserts that the driver was going "120 mph". I don't know about that but he must have been cruising because he flipped his damn car upside down and landed in the middle of Grant Circle. Here's a link to video, I can't seem to embed it, but here's a screenshot of the vid:

I got there afterwards, obviously. Glad I missed the actual event.

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Jumbo Slice said...

One benefit of driving an old Honda Civic: low odds of being carjacked.

I've never seen a live police chase. I imagine if I had a guy barreling down on my at 120 MPH, I'd poop my pants, just a little.