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Monday, May 21, 2007

Concert Preview: The Jet Age

The Jet Age is led by singer/guitarist Eric Tischler. You may know him from The Hurricane Lamps, the DC-based band that released not two, but five albums between 1999 and 2004. Although, it's much more likely that you don't know him at all. The other two band members are even less well known than Mr. Tischler. You need only know this: they both participated in Hands Across America.

Potsy & family at Hands Across America

Last year the band released "Breathless", which to me is a really crappy name. It seems more suited to a Bette Midler album. So, I did a little research and sure enough, Kenny G's 1993 album was "Breathless". Also, Madonna had an album called "I'm Breathless". Two strikes against The Jet Age. Fortunately, the music is much better than the title. Here's how "Breathless" is described in the Washington Post:

"The songs are ragged without being sloppy and bring to mind some of the best in the indie rock pantheon, whether it be Dinosaur Jr., with the distorted solos or Superchunk with Tischler's high pitched, enthusiastic vocals."

They also received praise from many online music sites, including Pitchfork which gave their album quite a nice review. Give them a listen at their mySpace page.


Jimbromski said...

Damn, with a name like "The Jet Age" I thought we were in for cool, techno-tinged Idewild Airport lounge-type music, a la Air. Now I find out they sound like Dino Jr, which means they sound like every other indie band in the world.

Plus the whole "Breathless" issue. I'm not in a good mood about this.

JetAgeEric said...

Holy shit! I was born on 10/13! AND I was in the hurricane lamps and a band called the Jet Age. Weird conicidences abound. Furthermore, although we don't SOUND like Air, we BREATHE it. But, when you're breathless, you're not getting enough AIR! This is too weird ... head spinning ...