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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More LCD Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem, "All My Friends" video.

This is part of my continuing effort to post shit while you numbnuts sit around doing nothing, adding nothing, writing nothing. That's right--save all your best stuff for e-mails.


Potsy said...

The Oranges Band could learn something here. If you're 40 years old and a "Rock Star," don't dress like any old 40-something dude wearing your button down shirt and dockers. You can try this Peter Gabriel kinda thing instead. Face paint is kinda crazy and translates well with rock.

What was with the lip-syncing in this video? Is it my band width? It reminded me of the Paul Simon video with Chevy Chase (Call me Al).

If I had a high school band, I think "Band Width" would be a great name for it.

I think a discussion board is needed for the blog. It's what the blog was created for to begin with.

Jimbromski said...

People were complaining about the synching issues at the YouTube link for this vid, in the comments, so it's not just you. I don't think it's intentional on the part of LCD Soundsystem, I think it's just technical crap that's causing it. Annoying, yes.

Speaking of the Oranges Band, did I mention to you that the bass player, the guy w the beard, wore the exact same outfit for the Spoon show and the D-Plan show. Dude, invest in some new clothes.

Potsy said...

You did mention the waredrobe repeat. It wasn't even a good look. Why would you wear that more than once? Jean jacket with the pins on the front and the collar popped? For a dumpy 40 year old bassist, it's not awe inspiring. Rock Bands should make me envious of their lifestyles. Their job is to 1. Rock and 2. Make me wish I were them (this is accomplished by displays of wealth, surrounding themselves with hot chicks, and/or looking like they could kick serious ass).

Jumbo Slice said...

I would have preferred the face paint to be closer to something Gene Simmons would wear. Maybe we should don the face paint for the show on the 13th. Show him how it's done.