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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dismemberment Plan, Part The First

Dismemberment Plan
Black Cat, April 27 2007

I say, Part The First, because I know other Rock Club members will be weighing in on this show. The Dismemberment Plan show at Black Cat last night was not an official Rock Club show as our bylaws specify, one show per week, and we already saw Spoon last Saturday. So this show will get a Roger Maris-style asterisk in the archives.

It is Saturday morning and as I sit here, waiting for the NFL Draft to begin, and waiting for my favorite team, the Oakland Raiders, to once again ruin some poor young man's life, I wanted to jot down a few observations, or "musings", from last night:

1) More Celebrity Lookalikes: this one's a mash-up. Let me grab The Transmogrifier and see what it spits out:

(1) Take four ml of Morrissey (use an eyedropper),

(2) Add six gallons of Chandler Bing,

(3) Bake in Transmogrifier for eight hrs at 350 degrees

(4) Season well before consuming

2) Inside Baseball, part 1: the Dismemberment Plan is pretty much the only band that Rock Club members know personally, due to us and them being local suburbanites. It is to our advantage for them to become bigger than Jesus so that in 30 years we can say something along the lines of, "What, John Lennon? I used to beat that little shit up in PE Class!" It's nice to bask in reflected glory as it requires no effort from us. Anyway, Eric Axelson came by and said hello to us while we were out front smoking a cigarette. Nothing extraordinary there except he used the word "merch" for "merchandise", and I wanted to accuse him of going all Hollywood. We can't make the charge, however, because it was for charity and he was trying to move product to benefit little Callum Roberts.

3) Inside Baseball, part 2: again, not to be a cheesedick here, but in the same conversation, Eric was talking about the second show on Saturday night and asked us if we would come early to watch the DC United game beforehand. We Rock Clubbers were talking about this later and someone said that they thought he was joking, and I said no, dude loves DC United, and I brought up this anecdote. I was living in New York going to graduate school and, being a DC United fan myself (see Mexican Footballers--Threat, or Menace?) I would watch them on MSG whenever they played the Metrostars. Anyway, long story short, I was watching the game, and they did a crowd shot of the traveling DC fans, and whoa, there's the suspended Christian Gomez, in with the fans, banging a drum. And wait, there's Axelson, next to him, banging the drum. With his shirt off, no less. It kind of blew my mind.


Jumbo Slice said...

Wait, why is Peggy Hill up there?

I agree, Eric was probably serious about the DC United. He might be their biggest fan.

As for the concert, I loved it. It had the same energy and intensity as their shows back in the day. I'll put up a full post about about show in the next few days. My damn job keeps taking up all my time.

Jimbromski said...

Peggy Hill, due to the use of the word "Musings". From the show.