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Thursday, April 26, 2007


The members of RC (+1) set out for Charm City for the Spoon show last Saturday. I have to say it was nice to get out of DC for a show, even though I elected myself to drive. We arrived at SONAR just in time to catch the 2nd half of opening act Oranges Band. I will admit, Potsy and I only stayed for a song or two and went to explore the "lounge" room of Sonar. This was a nice space that was conducive to intellectual conversation and beer drinking. After hearing Jimbromski's shining endorsement of The Oranges Band I wished I had stuck around for their set. However, I knew I would be seeing them open for the Dismemberment Plan this weekend so there was no great loss.
Having never been to SONAR before, I had a bit of a hard time getting a good position for the Spoon set. I ended up sort of in the middle and had to crane my neck to see. I was also stuck next to these 2 guys, who were very enthusiastic about every song the band played. As soon as each tune would begin, the one dude would proclaim "DUDE, this song is fucking awesome". This happened like 10 times. Also, about halfway during the set, the guy standing next to me farted. It was not heard, but an odor definitely lingered and was noticed by the couple in front of me., but I digress.

I will wholly admit that I am not a huge Spoon fan. I think they have some good, catchy songs and play very good indie pop. I like most of the songs from Gimme Fiction, and have listened to the other albums a few times. I thought they played and inspired show and the crowd was definitely into it. Everything sounded good, and I really have no complaints about their showmanship. Potsy mentioned he thought they goofed up a couple of times, but nothing too noticeable. I did recognize most of the songs, and it seemed like they played a few songs from their yet to be released LP "Ga-Ga-Ga" . I dont know what to add, it was a very good show, yet I wasnt blown away. Maybe it is the type of music they play, which is just upbeat enough to get you to tap your feet or bob your head, but nothing more, nothing less. I am sure if Jimbromski wrote this review, his opinion would be entirely different. I enjoyed myself for the most part, as did the capacity crowd. A very good night out. RC Rating 7.2.

Btw, I am curious as to why this show wasnt in DC. It seems as though they could have sold out the 930 club. I did like the blue collar nature of the Baltimore crowd. ah, Baltimore, its a hell of a town.....

Addendum: I do not have Jumboslices new rating chart at the ready, so I went off the cuff with my rating. Having just gone back and looking at previous scores I realize that 7.2 is probably a bit too low. I raise the rating to a 7.6 for more consistancy. This has nothing to do with Jimbromkis comments, but rather based on further research at 2 AM (see what you have to look forward to Jimbromski, babies are great.....)


Jimbromski said...

A guy near me farted as well, it was gross. I hate smelling other people's farts.

As you said I am a huge Spoon fan and I left the show convinced that there is no better band around today. I would have rated this show at or above Sleater-Kinney, in the 8-9 territory.

Nice title, by the way.

Jumbo Slice said...

Nice review Sacklunch. 7.2 is understandable considering you aren't familiar w/ the all their albums, had a bad view, were standing in a fart cloud, and were next to a couple tools.

Jimbromski and I were up much closer and had a great spot. I thought it was one of the best shows we've seen. I'd rank it up there with S-K and The Gossip.

You'll probably get ripped for changing your rating, but 7.6 is probably a more accurate number (I'd have gone even higher though). In hindsight, there are shows I would have rated differently. Better to made the adjustment up front.

Jimbromski said...

I've been considering this, maybe we should document all the shows and all the ratings and re-grade everything based on the larger sample size. The three of us would have to determine grades for Potsy's shows since he decided to opt out but that shouldn't be too difficult. If I have some extra time today I'll put something together and send it out.