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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Concert Preview

I thought a preview of the next concert might be helpful since there are four bands playing and some of us haven't listened to the bands much (if at all). Here's the lineup for Thursday's show in the order they're playing.

Headlights - Comprised of former members of Maserati and Absinthe Blind, Headlights play blissful and driving guitar pop. Maybe it's because I'm getting into a lot of female fronted bands, but I really like this band. Too bad we won't get there in time to see them play.

Page France - Page France plays what I call indie wuss rock. I happen to like such music, when done right. Their music is hit or miss. I saw them play at Iota a while back. I was into it for the first half of the set. By the end I was ready for a change of pace.

David Vandervelde - This is really the guy we're going to see. He plays 70's inspired rock, a la T. Rex and David Bowie. Right in Jimbromski's wheelhouse. I'm looking forward to seeing him live. I hope he has a cool banner with his name on it. That would rock.

Richard Swift - He may be the headliner but w/ three bands before him, I might not stick around for his whole set. After all, it is a school night. Anyway, I don't know much about this guy. From what I've heard, he plays the type of music you'd find on those mixtapes Potsy makes for his lady friends.

The following show is Spoon (or as I like to call them, Poon). They don't need a preview, but perhaps we can make the preview a regular feature when going to see lower profile bands.


Potsy said...

Oh good. I'll be watching the ladies in the crowd to see how they respond to certain Dick Swift tracks. I still have some blank cassette tapes at the ready.

Jimbromski said...

Poon, that's really good. I'm kicking myself that I didn't think of that one first, it seems obvious but it really isn't.

Preview feature, good idea.