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Friday, April 06, 2007

More Celeb Lookalikes

Alex Maas, lead singer, The Black Angels

Jesco White, the Dancing Outlaw

More Black Angels/Jesco White goodness:

(1) Here's the video for the Black Angels' "First Vietnamese War." I actually confused this song with another one of their songs last night. It's a great song and was the final encore of the evening, which we missed due to Potsy and Jumbo Slice unilaterally making us leave the venue because of the late hour--definitely not one of Rock Club's finer moments. Decide for yourselves if we should have stuck around (3 min 37 sec):

(2) Here's a clip from Jesco's movie, The Dancing Outlaw (2 min 4 sec):

(3) And one more Jesco clip, wherein he discusses how he likes his breakfast eggs cooked, and the consequences of not cooking them to his preferred taste (12 sec):


Potsy said...

Uh, we actually did see them perform "The First Vietnamese War." It was fantastic. Maybe you got hold of some bad acid and don't remember. That's a shame cuz like I said, "It was fantastic."

Jumbo Slice said...

That Black Angels video is scary as hell. Thank god they didn't play it in the background like Built To Spill played videos at their 9:30 shows.

Jesco should be an honorary member of Rock Club since he's such a good dancer. Plus, all of us enjoy huffing while listening to "Hound Dog" in our Elvis room, just like Jesco.

Jimbromski said...

Uh, no we didn't see them perform "The First Vietnamese War." Read the review again, dullard.

Potsy said...

I was there. I trust myself more than some other tool's review. Thanks anyway.

Jimbromski said...

I know you were there, douche. You are, however, very wrong. The encore, which we missed because you made us walk out, was "The First Vietnamese War".