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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

All Dischord, All The Time

I love it, you guys mock it: Rhapsody. For only $9.95, it's the best money I spend each month. However, there have been a few drawbacks. A couple labels don't allow their library to be played via Rhapsody. The most notable (for me) has been Dischord Records. Well, much to my delight, that has changed. Each day, I peruse the "Just Added" section for indie bands. This morning the listing showed albums by Nation of Ulysses, Minor Threat, Scream, The Evens, Fugazi, Jawbox, Q and Not U, etc. It even has my favorite Dischord band of all-time: French Toast.

So far, I've listened to the albums by Nation of Ulysses, Soccer Team, Medications, the Aquarium, and The Evens. Nation of Ulysses is the clear winner so far, by The Evens aren't far behind. Beauty Pill is up next since they're opening for The Dismemberment Plan on Saturday night.

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