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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Menomena (as in phenomena)

If the only thing I took from the show was the proper way to pronounce Menomena, I'd have been happy. I struggle with these things (well, a lot of things). It took me over a year to figure out to say Sufjan. I still don't know to pronounce MacKaye (Mc-KAY? Mac-EYE? Evil-EYE?). Screw it.

It was good we got there early since the show was sold out. Sacklunch and I witnessed a lot of disappointed hipsters who were turned away. (Sidebar to the kids: if you showed some hustle putting on your hoodies and skinny jeans these things wouldn't happen. Puctuality is virtue, bitches.) One thing I like about the R&R Hotel is that even when it's sold out, it's not crazy crowded. We were able to scoot up front for a good view of the stage. Everyone in our group seemed to like the opening band, Land of Talk (yet another band from Montreal). I would have liked to have seen Field of Music, but they weren't terrbily missed. L.O.T. were steller openers.

Menomena go their own way and I really respect that. Few indie bands have songs that consist entirely of drums, bass, and a xylophone. Or drums, sax, and keyboards. Their song structures are unconventional yet have an odd appeal. It's not unlike Deerhoof, except you understand the lyrics. I wish I had paid more attention to their new album "Friend and Foe" before Saturday. I loved the live songs off of "I Am The Fun Blame Monster". These guys are the oppposite of Be Your Own Pet. They're great musicians who elevate their songs when played live.

Sacklunch said the more he thought back on he show, the more and more he liked it. I have to agree. I have their new album, "Friend and Foe", on high rotation. The next time Menomena comes to town, I'll be ready.

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