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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Just stop with the Pavement reunion rumors already. The latest has them playing ATP in NY this year. Mark my words: it ain't gonna happen. Okay, it'll eventually happen but not this year. And when they do reunite it should be done in conjunction with a Sleater-Kinney reunion. Then the two bands could do a Monsters Of Indie Rock tour, making all the dorks (like me) so happy that they pee-pee in their pants.


Unknown said...

Speaking as someone who already saw Pavement double digit times when they were around, I hope they stay in hibernation. Do you really want to see Malkmus half-ass his way through a bunch of jammed-out versions of old songs? Is that going to be fulfilling somehow?

Just because people missed a band the first time around doesn't grant them the right to see that band, y'know?

Potsy said...

amen to that.

Jumbo Slice said...

Reunions are never as good as seeing a band in its prime. I was pumped when I heard The Pixies were getting back together but then I didn't bother to see them play. I think the rumors are more interesting than the real thing.

Malkmus has good things w/ the Jicks and his fantasy hoops obsession. There's no reason for him to do a reunion at this point.