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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Show Preview: Kite Party

If you're like us you visit the same music venues over and over: Black Cat, 9:30 Club, Rock and Roll Hotel, Velvet Lounge, etc. Sure, they're all great but it's time to mix things up a bit.

There's a new-ish venue on 14th Street called the DC Mini Gallery. Friday's show has a bunch of indie, punk, and hardcore bands worth checking out. The one band that really caught my attention was Kite Party. They hail from Philadelphia and their sound has been compared to Fugazi and The Replacements. I don't really buy those comparisons though. Rhythmically they have a post-punk 90's flair but songs such as "Indiana Pete" off their Wish Mountain EP don't have a retro feel. They remind me more of The Walkmen or White Rabbits than Fugazi. Of course, all that is neither here nor there. The point is the songs are quite good.

Friday's show is only $7 bucks and in these tough economic times you can't afford not to go. I mean, 6 bands for $7? That's a musical meal deal. They're basically copying the McDonald's Dollar Menu here. Other bands on the bill include: Tigers Jaw, Troll Tax, Police & Thieves and two bands with very Google-challenged names, Control and Give.

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