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Monday, November 02, 2009

Le Loup! There it is...

Time for another sporadic update from Austin. Since I last checked in I've seen Bad Veins, The Dustys, Brazos, White Denim, and Future of the Left. None disappointed and a few were outstanding. A quick recap of White Denim and FOTL:

White Denim solidified their position as my favorite Austin band with a searing and breathless set featuring many songs off their new album, Fits. Halfway through, Lou Barlow and his band made their way to the very front of the stage. They must have walked over immediately after finishing their set at Stubb's. Lou looked blown away by White Denim and could be seen excitedly talking with the band after the show. While that celebrity sighting was pretty cool it didn't compare to the VIP at the Dirty Projector's show earlier this week: Ron Jeremy. I'm serious. The Hedgehog was in the house.

The Future of the Left delivered exactly what I expected. Their set was raucous, headbanging, and hysterical. By the end they had completely dismantled the drum set and were playing what instruments were left out in the crowd. There wasn't a lot of people at the show, but those there had a shitload of fun.

After those bands I decided to stay in this weekend. However, I'm heading to Mohawk tonight to see Le Loup. They're touring in support of the new album, Family and I don't want to miss a chance to see them perform their haunting and infectious music. Here's one of the singles off of Family:

"Beach Town" by Le Loup

I wasn't a fan of Le Loup right off the bat but each time I listened to their first album I found more to love. The second album is more accessible on first listen and every bit as good, if not better. If the live show comes close to the quality of the records, we're in for a treat tonight.


Steve said...

It kills me that no one goes to a FOTL show. And Mike at WOXY has said that, without fail, a ton of listeners switch WOXY off when they play an FOTL song. I just don't get it.

They're playing a 700 (!!) capacity place here in Chicago on Thursday, which I have to assume is way, way, way too big. Unfortunately The Jet Age are also in town that night, and I've got my DC priorities.

Potsy said...

I sat with Christian from Le Loup at Dahlak summer of 08, just after they had gone thru a line-up change. He was a nice guy. His gf is friends with a friend of mine.

Potsy said...

I think Sad Crocodile opened that night...

Potsy said...

Check that, it was Robby the drummer that I met.