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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

King James the Lawbringer

Eustace Tilley--eat a dick this long, man

Thank God LCD Soundsystem is back. I'm sick of all these weenie bands and their Hostess Twinkie bullshit, man. There's an article about the band and their new album in this week's New Yorker, a magazine that I read. Did I mention I read the New Yorker? Because I do. Even the terrible "humor" articles, which I read to myself using a nebbish Woody Allen-type inner voice, because I think that somehow that will make the "jokes" funnier.

I also love "Life In These United States" and "Humor in Uniform," as well as "Stars--They're Just Like Us!" Wait, that's Reader's Digest. And Us.

I do want to submit "My wife is a slut" to the Cartoon Caption Contest, however.

Anyway, back on topic--LCD Soundsystem. Here's a quote from the man-genius James Murphy that I think encapsulates everything that's right about his band:

LCD live was set up to be an argument about what's wrong with bands and why bands should be better...I always thought we were so obviously not a great band. I was not a great front man. There's a lot of ramshackle mismatched people, and we didn't dress like each other or particularly well. Our rules help us.
Nobody onstage can hear anything the audience doesn't hear. No click tracks, no guides, nothing can be heard onstage that isn't going to the front of the house. If it's a synthesizer, you have to make that sound happen onstage with a synth. If it's an organic sound, it absolutely cannot be put on a sampler. No 'feeling it.' No sunglasses. No rocking out. No improvising. No noodling. No psyching up the crowd. No pretending you're cool. I understand that if someone's going to make me his idea of cool I can't control that. But no wearing the rock-and-roll hat. Volume. Volume. Volume. Volume onstage. We like it to sound uniform, even, and loud as fuck. I want someone to come out of the audience and onto the stage and hear the same shit.
Article excerpts here.


Potsy said...

NPR has a first listen of the new album... http://is.gd/bYICr

Unknown said...

what issue is this from? i'm still back in 2008? can't wait to see who wins the election!

also, i love all of their crime/trial stories but it always ends in a conviction! i really wanted that bukhari jewish lady to get acquitted. but she totally did it.

also, james murphy is a national treasure. nicolas cage is gonna make a shitty movie about searching for and finding him one day.

Jimbromski said...

that bukhari crime article sucked bad. i kept expecting a twist ending b/c i was thinking, they couldn't possibly devote this many pages to this without a shock aquittal. but alas, the bitch did it.

Unknown said...

yeah, she did it, but the point was that the real villain of the story was that schnall asshole, or whatever his name was. and just reinforcing the notion that a smart, assertive, stubborn woman - especially a foreign one - ain't ever gonna get a benefit of the doubt.


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