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Thursday, September 14, 2006



Not that it's my week to worry about, but since I am thinking of going to the 9:30 club tonight to buy some tickets, I thought I would start the negotiations this morning.

Sacklunch has (I believe) selected the Built to Spill show for his RC week in October. There are two dates, 10/9 and 10/10 (Monday or Tuesday). I have opinions about both dates that basically cancel each other out, so I'll obstain (as I'm want to do). What do you all prefer?

Next, I've lucked out for the following week's show, which is Art Brut on the 17th. This is the same date as the Joan Jett concert at the 9:30, by the way. Sorry, Joan, while you Love It, My little brother just discovered It. "It" being Rock and Roll, of course.

TV on the Radio is also playing this same week (10/15) at the 9:30 ($20). Any interest in that show? That's a Sunday...so check the NFL schedule before you answer.

Lastly, Wilco is playing at 9:30 on the 19th of October. I'm buying a ticket for myself tonight (assuming there are any left). Anyone else interested? Note there is a 4 ticket maximum to buy.

Again, I'm going to get tickets (perhaps for the Jenny Lewis show - also on the 15th) tonight, so if you want me to get yours, you'll need to weigh in here today.


sacklunch said...

for the Built to Spill/CVB show I am going to vote for Monday night, but I can do either one if it is a problem. TV on the Radio would be good too..If there is general interest in that show i will get tix also. There's my 2 cents....

Jimbromski said...

Either date for the BTS/CVB show works for me, as of today. I think I'll pass on the optional shows. Perhaps I'll change my mind later but if I do I'll worry about getting tickets on my own, don't buy anything on my behalf.

Jumbo Slice said...

I'll vote for the Monday show for BTS. I'd be curious to see some of the other shows, but I think one show a week is plenty.

Potsy said...

MOnday it is. Tickets have been purchased. Pay-up suckas...