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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yeah. Hell Yeah!

Something went wrong on the way to the Blog-o-sphere today, gents. I unexpectedly had to conform to the will of Google, and switch my log-in info. I used to be all giddy over google, but now I'm beginning to fear it. If the Terminator script were written today, I'm pretty sure it would start with today's google. Google would take over Microsoft, and then start building Robots. You know how it goes from there...

Anyhow, let's get on with it. The topic tonight is Judas Priest, Dokken, and the Caps Centre in Landover, MD. Add drugs and a video camera, mix and simmer, and you've got "Heavy Metal Parking Lot." A 15 minute trip back to 1986 that was recently reformated to DVD and shown at the Black Cat, January 6, 2007, with Nitro Tokyo and Death By Sexy ($9).

We only got to see the last song by Nitro Tokyo, which was a great cover of Mötley Crüe's "Kick Start My Heart." At least that's what I remember them playing. But that was 10 days ago, so I can't be sure. Anyway, they were awesome, and ironically enough, their latest track is called "Hell Yeah." Click on the photo to learn more. Also, our friend Tedwin is said to work with one of the Nitro Tokyo members (which I just can't imagine), but then again, Tedwin can't always be trusted to tell the truth.

After NT were through, we went down to the Red Room, which was full of attractive young hipsters. We enjoyed some beverages and at 3 minutes before midnight, ascended the stairs and met the two geeks that created Heavy Metal Parking Lot, John Heyn & Jeff Krulik. Now, I want to blame the technology at hand for what I'm about to write, but one of these guys began to talk to the crowd and sounded awfully similar to Lou Ferrigno. I couldn't tell if the microphone was cutting out, or if this guy had a speech impediment. But whatever it was, it was hilarious. And I laughed. And he eventually stopped talking, and we watched the movie. 15 minutes later, it was over. 10 minutes after that, we left and enjoyed drinks and food elsewhere until 3 AM. It was fun. Here's a clip:

You expected more? Look, the film is only 15 minutes, and we only saw one song from NT. That's all you get. Suck it up.

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Jumbo Slice said...

Considering we only saw one song and they rocked a Motley Crue cover, Nitro Tokyo would've received a near-perfect rock club rating, no? Of course, you can't judge a band by one song.

Having never seen this movie, I was thoroughly entertained. It's also a good reminder of the effect time will have on us as we (and our children) revisit this blog 20 years from now.