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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Concert Preview: Two Dark Birds/The High Signs/Sad Crocodile

Two Dark Birds with The High Signs and Sad Crocodile
Black Cat Backstage Thursday 3/13 at 9:00 PM - $8

Looking for an excuse to start the weekend early? Maybe head out for some beer and music to distract you from the fact your boss secretly hates you (as does your mom)? Admit it, you have issues. Well, whether you have issues or not you should swing by the Backstage on Thursday. The show is headlined by Two Dark Birds from New York. Listening to them I'm reminded of Dylan's "Time Out of Mind" and "Love Theft". This folk rock has some edge and grit to it. It doesn't take Bill Clinton to feel their pain.

Opening for Two Dark Birds are local acts Sad Crocodile (a.k.a. John Foster) and The High Signs. I've always enjoyed Sad Crocodile's Monday night sets at Galaxy Hut so I'll be there early to catch John one last time before I depart for Austin. Michael Kentoff from The Caribbean will join Sad Crocodile on stage for what should be a stellar opening set.

I'm not familiar with The High Signs but the last name of one of the guys is "Stutz". That's good enough for me.

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John Foster said...

I was glad that I had one last chance to dedicate "Never Had An Asian Girlfriend" to Jumbo. Thanks for all of the kind words and for really "getting" the whole Sad Crocodile thing. You are the Mac (soon to be) Daddy.