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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Days of Future Passed

The Future of the Left
July 19, 2009

First of all, sorry I'm so late with this one. The Future of the Left are from Wales and like fellow Welsher David Lloyd George, they rely on a guitar-heavy sound complemented with screaming and yelling. And some drums, and bass. Basically your standard power trio, where everyone plays harder and louder because they're losers who couldn't get a fourth to join their band.

These guys are a hair's breadth away from being metal, really. I didn't know FOTL well prior to the show, an only recognized two songs--"Arming Eritrea" and "Small Bones Small Bodies"--both of which are insanely catchy for something that makes your eardrums bleed and leak pus.

The Future of the Left came off as rather jovial guys, which is a stark contrast with their baby-eating sound. For once the stage banter was acceptable and even clever and humorous at times--apparently they had just gotten back from that Siren Festival and weren't impressed with Coney Island. Fair enough--when you come from a holiday wonderland like Cardiff, every other place in the world suffers in comparison. I think the problem was that they were up there with Malitz. Spending time with that guy makes you look at things with poo-colored glasses.

I must again give propers to DC9. The setup is nice and cozy as opposed to hot and cramped. It's fairly easy to get a drink. And for a small place they occasionally get fairly well-known bands, such as the FOTL. I have yet to have a shitty time at DC9.

Supergroup Postscript (or, I Read the News Today, Oh Boy): Did you see this? Did you fucking see this? It's a supergroup, and it features Ed O'Brien and Philip Selway from Radiohead, and Johnny Marr. Was Sammy Hagar unable to break his contract with Chickenfoot? I ran this past my supergroup consultant and he said there should be a "social conscience" waiver, as the proceeds from this go to Oxfam to fight poverty. Dude, I'm sure Cream, Asia, The Raconteurs and all the rest of them felt that to form a supergroup was to make the world a better place. I think not--request for waiver DENIED.


sacklunch said...

I really enjoyed this show.

I am still waiting for the video that Malitz shot with these guys up in NYC. What gives?

Jimbromski said...

I looked for a link to that but found nothing, so I had to link to his PostRock review of the show.

These guys were pretty solid and as I mentioned, this was a good venue in which to see them.

sacklunch said...

I actually listening to the 1st FOTL album, "Curses" right now. It is solid.

"Colin was a pussy, a very big pussy....."

Jimbromski said...

yeah, I like how some of their lyrics seem to be just transcripts of conversations they had, a la "come on Rick, I'm not a prize, I'm not a cynic or one of those guys..." in "Arming Eritrea."