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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Show Preview: Division Day at The Mohawk

To paraphrase the old saying, don't judge an album by its cover (unless of course you're John Foster). When a promo for the new Division Day album arrived in our (rarely monitored) email box, I took one look at the cover and figured it was some bullshit group trying to be the next Evanescence. And yet...I gave them a shot and instantly realized my mistake. I expected some goth crap but they actually play what I'd call "dark indie". They sing songs about death and the Devil (hail Satan) while mixing scuzzy guitars with a bit of electronica. If you like shoegazer and intelligent industrial rock, this album is for you.

Division Day played Washington last week and we failed to alert our DC readers. Can't let the same thing happen to our Austin friends. The band plays Thursday night at the Mohawk. They're headlining the inside stage after Frightened Rabbit performs outside. The Mohawk is sure to be packed for what's probably the best line-up of bands they've had since SXSW.

Check out Division Day's video for "Surrender" off of Visitation:

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Potsy said...

I'm shocked. Jumbo Slice is into a band with a video full of Asian ladies.