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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

That's Incredible

During WOXY's Modern Rock 500 last week, Black Flag's T.V. Party track was featured, and I thought a second look was in order. It also coincided with sacklunch's thesis that artists who bulk up tend to be less impressive (at least musically) after they've eaten their spinach than before. One of sacklunch's examples was Henry Rollins (featured below). His other example, Glenn Danzig.


Jumbo Slice said...

If they become less impressive as they get jacked up do they get better when they become fat and balding? I'll be able to answer that when I see Danzig at the Fun Fun Fun Fest. BTW, I spoke to one of the organizers and the original plan was to get The Misfits to reunite for the festival. It didn't work but getting Danzig isn't a bad consolation prize.

sacklunch said...

I love me some old Misfits. I used to have all those old LP's on cassette. My favorite tune was this live version of "Horror Business" off Evil Live (circa 1984). Not sure of the situation, but there is this part where Danzig yells out "One more fucking time you asshole, you die!!". I think he was yelling at some dude in the crowd. For some reason, my 13 year old brain thought it was very cool. Here is the clip from YouTube:

As soon as Danzig put out that stupid ass "Luci-fudge" album, my interest was lost. Like I said, as soon as he started getting all beefed up, he started to suck. Same with Rollins and his poken-word crap. Leave that shit to the urban beatniks that hang out at Busboys and Poets. More TV Party!

Potsy said...

I had never heard of Danzig until "mother" was forced upon my senses. I should've known there was more to him than that song at the time. I actively dislike that song (for the record).

Unknown said...

Other examples of bulking up leading to sucking: Trent Reznor, Joe Piscopo.