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Friday, October 23, 2009

Concert Preview: Bad Veins

There are a bunch of very, very good shows going on this weekend in Austin. Let's work backwards, shall we? Sunday night Art Brut comes to town. Tomorrow night Dinosaur Jr., Built To Spill, White Denim, Brazos, and Future of the Left are all playing within 3 blocks of each other. I'm planning to catch both Future of the Left and White Denim. I've been a huge Dinosaur Jr. fan for many years and have yet to see them live, but they drew the proverbial short straw. Better luck next time Mr. Mascis.

I kick off the weekend tonight at Emo's. There are a plethora of bands on the bill. The inside stage features The Subjects, Bad Veins, and MoTel Aviv while the outside stage has The Bravery, Crash Kings, and DC's own The Dustys. Seeing The Dustys and Bad Veins are my priority. After that we'll see what happens. I'm interested in The Subjects but I can't say I have much desire to see The Bravery.

In case you aren't aware of Bad Veins, they're a duo from Cincinnati that are known for their "irresistible hooks, propulsive beats and inventive use of vintage electronics, such as megaphones, telephones and a reel-to-reel tape machine." Benjamin Davis and Sebastien Schultz are also known for their dynamic live shows which have garnered praise up and down the east coast. For those in DC, you can check them out on Wednesday night:

Bad Veins and The Subjects
Wednesday, Oct. 28th

Here's Bad Veins ode to the golden shower, "Gold and Warm". It gives you a sense of their fuzzed out anthemic indie rock and their sexual perversions:


Steve said...

Bad Veins canceled, unfortunately, due to van problems. The Subject are still playing (with Detox Retox).

Jumbo Slice said...

They're STILL in Austin. Rumor is they're playing again at Emo's tomorrow night. As I was walking to the show on Friday I noticed them outside looking under the hood of the van. I didn't think the issue would strand them here for almost a week.

They were staying with Shiv from WOXY. I think they DJ'd at the station for a few hours this afternoon. There are worse places to get stranded than Austin, that's for sure.

Steve said...

Yeah, I listened to their DJ set. Good stuff. Sounds like they've gone through 3 van engines in the space of 5 days.