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Monday, October 19, 2009

Ume Want To Check This Out

Ume (pronounced ooo-may), one of my favorite discoveries since moving to Austin, is coming to DC. They've played the District before but not in some time. I strongly recommend you check this band out:

w/ The Fervor and The Bronze Chorus
The Red and The Black
Tuesday, Oct. 20th

The power trio band is led by the fetching Lauren Larson and her heavy, thunderous guitar. She commands the sonic assualt but the band isn't all wrecking ball riffs and cool-chick vocals. They can also churn out pop hooks and catchy melodies. The reaction to their excellent Sunflower EP has overwhelmingly positive and helped land them spots on tour with bands such as The Meat Puppets and Dead Confederate. As they head to NYC for CMJ, it'll only be a matter of time before they're playing bigger and bigger venues. This is your "I saw them when..." moment. Don't miss it.


Potsy said...

great title and awesome pic. Rarely does Jumbo Slice bust out the Bold, so I'm paying attention to this recommendation.

Unknown said...

She looks like she has tragically tiny arms in that pic. How can she play the guitar with those alligator arms?

Potsy said...

Jeez. This was last night? Fuck. I missed it. So much for paying attention. I was eating a steak, and flipping back and forth from the Yankees v. Angels and a special ESPN was showing on the USFL. The USFL special was better, btw. Umpires for last night's baseball game were terrible.