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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'd never steal from Santa, 'cause that ain't right

Sure, It's a Wonderful Life, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and A Christmas Story are great holiday flicks (I hear Elf was good too, though I have yet to see it), but often overlooked is the 1988 classic, and best-Christmas-movie-of-all-times, Die Hard. Don't believe me? I just watched it again while riding the Amtrak, and sure enough I'm right.

Besides all the shooting, explosions, and clever one-liners, let me remind you/inform you that within the first 10 minutes of this motion picture, RUN-D.M.C.'s "Christmas in Hollis" is featured - not too shabby a beginning, if you ask me.

Since it's Christmas time, I'll share with you, dear reader, a couple of youtube clips in keeping with the spirit of a gluttonous holiday. Happy birthday Jesus.

no time to watch all of Die Hard again?

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heather said...

awesome. merry christmas, dc rock club!