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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

That's a Wrap

This Thanksgiving, I stayed put in our glorious capital city. No hassles. No road rage. It was great. There was no one really around, lots of parking spaces available, and a calm that usually only comes with a nuclear winter. It reminded me of being a kid and going to school after hours. Kind of invigorating. As was walking off with staplers and pencil sharpeners, and writing "Ted Levine pees his pants" on all the chalk boards. Hey, it was true.

Despite there being no one in town, there were enough people to fill the theater Friday night for the Washington, DC premiere screening of Tommy Wiseau's The Room at the E Street Cinema. Jimbromski is our resident earlier adapter and has written extensively about this masterpiece of a movie; see: "A View with A Room" & "Nice party, Lisa...".

In honor of our recent big screen viewing, we bring you The Room rap.

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Jumbo Slice said...

I'm dying to see The Room in a theater. If it's funny to watch it alone while drinking a few beers, I imagine it's 10 times better in a packed theater. They've had screenings here in Austin (Wiseau even showed up once) but I've yet to go. I'm definitely going to the next one. We can never have too many reviews of this landmark movie.