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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Next On Tap

It's my turn to pick the Rock Club concert of the week. For the week of Sept. 2 - 8, you can choose between these two shows:

Saturday, Sept. 2 - Beauty Pill, The Aquarium, and Soccer Team (Black Cat)
Thursday, Sept. 7 - Evangelicals, Arboretum, The Fake Accents (Warehouse Next Door)

To be perfectly honest, I have no desire to see any of the bands on the 2nd. Well, maybe Soccer Team. I simply included them in case you guys were unable to make the show on Thursday. I'm a fan of Evangelicals new album, "So Gone". My buddy Jim says The Fake Accents are good so I'd like to give them a try. Arboretum are from Baltimore and, from what I can tell from their stuff online, not that good. Oh well, not every band can be Black Tie Revue. At least Jimbromski will enjoy their extended hippie jams. Thankfully, there's a bar next door for the rest of us.


Jimbromski said...

What're the venues for these shows?

Damn hippies...

Jumbo Slice said...

Sorry, I forgot to include the venue info. The Beauty Pill is at the Black Cat and the Evangelicals is at the Warehouse Next Door.