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Friday, August 04, 2006

Sleater-Kinney Review

Phew. These bitches ain't playin'. You think they playin'? They'll rip your head off and shit down your neck hole. And that's if they like you.

The rescheduled Sleater-Kinney show took place, er, on schedule, August 3. First, let me dispense with the opening band, French Toast. Dan liked them, nobody else did. I'm beginning to think Dan likes everything and everyone, which would explain why people find him more likable than the rest of us.

Sleater-Kinney absolutely rocked out. The core of the group is the drummer. We knew we were in for a drum clinic, when a roadie placed a binder containing about 20 drumsticks behind the drum set. And these weren't chicken drumsticks, although she's a healthy-looking girl and would appreciate some KFC during the show. No, she had extras, because she anticipated breaking a bunch in mid-flurry and wanted replacements at-hand. Seriously, I haven't heard drumming like this since Animal on The Muppet Show. I enjoyed watching her tits shake while she went off. As you can see from the picture, she's built, and I'm sure if we mated she would give me many fine sons, who when grown to adult-size could fell many acres of timber and plow my lands. The reality is, she'd probably throw me down and have go at me with the strap-on. I am curiously intrigued by the thought. Back in five minutes...

Whew. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, Sleater-Kinney.

Again, they killed, and the fact that they're women gives them bonus points. If you put your typical female alt artist--say, Lisa Loeb--in an isolation tank, and piped this music in, her head would explode and the only remnants would be bits of brain tissue and pieces of those ridiculous cat's-eye glasses she always wears. I know I harp about this, but S-K showed a firm commitment to melody and catchy songs--it wasn't just aimless noise (I'm looking in your direction, French Toast). They even broke things up with some 5 minute jams. I give this show a rating of 8.1, which is high praise given my ongoing war against grade inflation.

Okay, bye.

Wuh-wuh-wait a second! I would be remiss if I didn't mention Erin's absence from this show. I don't want to reveal personal details here, due to the amount of fans/stalkers that all members of Rock Club have to deal with, but I do have a picture of what Erin was doing last night:

Hint: Erin is not the man in the white coat. Perhaps it's better he missed this one, he's shown himself to be softer than a bag of marshmallows wrapped inside a feather pillow, and the sonic assault we experienced last night would forever haunt his dreams.


Jumbo Slice said...

Upon reflection, I have to say French Toast was pretty bad. A 3.5 at best. They seem like nice guys and are fairly competent musicians, but the result is not so good. I guess it's nice when you can ride the coattails of your Dischord friends.

Erin is softer than Church music.

Jimbromski said...

Paah! Admit you liked them, you liar.

Jumbo Slice said...

I'll admit I'm generally a sucker for the Dischord sound. I'll also admit that I'd be interested in seeing their full lineup. I liked their second formation, where James Canty was on drums and Rob Corddry's doppelganger was on bass. The other formations sucked.

Maybe I'm just too nice. Maybe they really are pure shit. I'd need to see the full lineup to know for sure.

Potsy said...

Since I was in the midst of my sleep test the night of the actual show, I've taken 3 months to finally listen to this show (courtesy of NPR - god bless you), and I did so in style. Today being Columbus Day, October the 9th, and it being 75 degrees out with sunshine and blue skies, I took a nice walk after having downloaded this concert on to my I-pod. I ended up at Lauriol Plaza where I sat outside, enjoyed 4 margaritas and puerco masistas, and listened to the first half of this rocking show. It figures. Not that anyone is going to go back to revisit this comment after all this time, I'm compelled to add my two cents. I was about to say, I've often complained about how crowds in DC seem very detacted from the shows they go to see, almost as if they are afraid to be seen enjoying themselves, and I am frustrated to know that I missed a concert where this certaintly was not the case. The audience forced a second encore, and that is VERY rare for these parts. Good job Sleater-Kinney, and nicely done DC. You've given me hope for future shows. But will this only hold true for farewell tours? I hope not. I have a new found respect for S-K. These gals do (did) it right.