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Monday, August 21, 2006

Voice Your Choice, Rock Club!

Okay, here are some proposed shows for my dates. I can only work with what I'm given, people.

Aug 25 - Sept 1

Okay, slim pickings for this week. Like a bunch of welfare state Frenchmen, America's rockers have all gone on vacation. The best I could find, and I am not kidding, is the "Back on the Bitch" tour at Jaxx, on Aug 25 (Friday). This tour includes SpreadEagle (or maybe Spread Eagle, with a space), Dropoutz, Molotov Valentine, and "Abio genesis" (once again, I cannot easily read the band names on this website due to the "metal" fonts used by all the bands). Sadly, Hookers and Blow had to drop out of this show due to unforseen circumstances. Again, I am not kidding.

This might be a week where we pick a night that's best for all of us, and just head over to DC9 or Velvet Lounge and have some beers, while a bunch of no-hopers strain away in the background. Technically, that would statisfy RC requirements.

Sept 23 - Sept 29

Ah, fall semester. Time for sweater sets and new Trapper Keepers. And upon those Trapper Keepers, we will draw the logos of the rockin' bands we've seen.

Better options this week. At the Black Cat, Sunset Rubdown on Sept 27, and the Mountain Goats on Sept 28. At 9:30, Ladytron on Sept 25 and Yo La Tengo on Sept 26. Mates of State at the State Theater on Sept 27.

I think I would vote Mates of State and a tie between Ladytron and Mountain Goats. On a side not, Massive Attack is playing 9:30 for two nights that week for $40. Unbelievable. I like them but at that price I want the Beatles to get back together.

Oct 21 - Oct 27

And we approach the ancient pagan feast of Samhain. In order to ensure that next year's Rock Club harvest is as bountiful as this year's, we will schedule an orgy (we'll need some virgin maidens) before this week's show, and after the show, we'll sacrifice one Rock Club member (member TBD).

Again, some good shite this week. As days go by, I expect more shows will be announced, adding to the excitement of what will henceforth be referred to as "ROCKTOBER". Two great shows at the 9:30, Frank Black (acoustic) on Oct 22 (sorry, "Roct 22") and the Futureheads on Oct 26.

I think Futureheads will rock the joint, so that's my vote. A special prize to whomever can figure out my second place vote.


Okay, clubbers, let's hear it. Get off the schnied and vote.


Jumbo Slice said...

JAXX is tempting...however, I'd like to offer an alternative. On Saturday the 26th The Fake Accents (http://myspace.com/thefakeaccents) are playing at Galaxy Hut. They were recommended by my neighbor Jim, a rock veteran of many shows. He plays the clarinet so you know he's legit. Also, the reasonable $5 cover allows for more beer consumption.

Jumbo Slice said...

For Sept. 23-29th, I vote for Sunset Rubdown. I also vote for the Futureheads on Oct. 26th.

Karen said...

Hey, House of Rock in Baltimore/White Marsh is having a huge show on the 2nd of Sept... good local bands.. you should come check them out might see a couple good bands to have as openers... check this one out in particular...


You have to see that lead singer to believe the sound that comes out of that little guy!

(found you by chance with that little "next blog" button... :)

Potsy said...

Hold your horses. The guy finally gets back to his computer after a week in the mountains, and suddenly we're all on his schedule.
And look at the power play by Spry. Suggesting an alternative to the suggestions already listed? Sounds like someone doesn't think someone else is doing his homework.
And hello to Karen... she obviously likes to Rock.