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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Murder He Wrote

I've seen all the comments about a missing review for the Gossip (September 16th at the Black Cat). However, I don't see what all the fuss is about, since Jumbo Slice already posted a review of the show. Isn't that just like Jumbo Slice? Always sticking his opinion in where it don't belong. I had worked out a method for tending to this review, but it didn't seem as pressing once I saw the pic of the juicy Ms. Ditto on the blog. But I'll get into that later. What I imagine my fellow clubmates are really looking for is for me to chronicle how a simple night out on the town to see a fat chick from Arkansas (via Olympia, WA via Portland, OR) rock-out was derailed by tragic events in the Green Mountain State. Or, how I ditched my Rock Club responsibilities because the news travels slow from Vermont to DC for some reason, as if by pony express.

Here's all I'm going to say about it. The events as they unfolded on the 16th of September were more appropriate for a club that is used to seeing Country & Western acts (Country Club?), with all the sad mishaps that life in the Red States can breed, than for one that goes out to Rock. Had we been listening to more country music perhaps I would have known how to handle things better, but alas, we've seen Bang Bang Bang (not a western band, despite the name), The Evangelicals (not a Christian band, despite the name), and a Band Of Horses (you'd think maybe a cowboy hat for this one, but no.), so I was left to my own wuss-rock inspired devices. So I bailed on the Gossip, my pick for RC, after news from Vermont of the brutal slaying of a young mother of 1 by her abusive husband finally reached DC.

I did hire a substitute for the show. "Duh-cut," stepped in and took my ticket, and Rock Club moved on. As they say, the show must go on and not be stopped due to horrific murder-suicides. I think that saying has been shortened in recent years though.

So here is the review, courtesy of M. Cutler:
Forgive me for the thoughts of Lita Ford in my head when being coaxed to go to see The Gossip at the Black Cat Saturday night by the two separate descriptions: (1) Black Sabbath and (2) Heart. Luckily, when Beth Ditto walked out on the stage, she immediately erased that image. Then she started to sing, Brace Paine started to play those distorted, bluesy guitar riffs, and as I looked around the club I thought, "This is a 'lesbian band'? I guess Led Zeppelin must have had some lesbian fans, too." O.K., that's the extent of the indie rock-college radio geek review. I didn't know any of their songs and still don't. I really didn't know what to expect at all. However, they rocked. The crowd really dug it. I dug it. It was reminiscent of the early Stones at their rockin, bluesy best, some of the more rockin' Derek and the Dominos tunes and probably something the Black Keys want to sound like. I'd see them again, maybe even buy a cd rather than illegally download it.

Well done Mr. Cutler. I couldn't have said it better myself (especially since I didn't get to see the show). Isn't Lita Ford hot?


Jimbromski said...

"So I bailed on the Gossip, my pick for RC, after news from Vermont of the brutal slaying of a young mother of 1 by her abusive husband finally reached DC."

Wow, when you put it that way, it really makes us look bad for making fun of you. My apologies.

Will you be skipping tonight's Be Your Own Pet show due to the Amish Schoolgirl Murders? That's still in the news here in DC.

Nice review, investigation closed.

Jimbromski said...

Also, by the way, didn't the dude off himself after the murder? I thought it was a murder/suicide.

Potsy said...

Yes. Perhaps he should have tried offing himself the same way he killed his wife. But he hanged himself.