Long live rock, I need it every night

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Beyond His Schweddy Balls

I know this is supposed to be about rock. Thankfully, I found a loophole. If anyone else watched Thursday night NBC television (I don't think it's right to call it Must See TV anymore), hopefully you saw or Tivoed tonight's episode of 30 Rock. I'm a big fan of 30 Rock. I know that Jimbromski is too. Probably for the same reason I am. Come on, admit it. You have a man-crush on Alec Baldwin, just like me. The guy is aces. Yeah, I know he called his little girl a pig. Maybe she is, though? That's none of my business. I just know that when I have a son, I'll hope he will grow up to be just like Alec Baldwin.

I realize that tonight's 30 Rock episode had a man-crush theme to it (Oh, right. Sorry... I'm supposed to say spoil alert, or something), but that was completely coincidental to my post. I didn't know they were going to air such an episode.

And just so you don't think I'm some Johnny come lately, one of my favorite Alec Baldwin bits is when he plays the Soap Opera Doctor on SNL. I couldn't find a clip of it online anywhere, so you'll have to take my word for it, it was brilliant. He mispronounces all kinds of medical conditions, and goes so far as messing up "Yale Medical School." Oh, ho... I'm laughing just typing about it...yeah, I know. If you like to read, the transcript is here. How about this from David Letterman then? I know it's old. So what. Just stick around for the parallel parking if you haven't seen it already.


Chip Chanko said...

Great episode tonight. Yesterday's Gossip Girl was better, though.

Jimbromski said...

Haven't seen it yet, got it on the DVR.

I watched Packers/Cowboys instead, like a real man.

Anonymous said...

He is really funny. If he could get past at screaming at everyone (not just his kid) I could watch and enjoy. I actually tried watching 30 ROCK for the first time last night because my sister says it's hilarious but I fell asleep. I didn't really feel it.

When I awoke, I watched my then-unseen episodes of AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL and GOSSIP GIRL and my world was righted! (Seriously, what did you expect from a girl who likes Richard Marx?! And I like Kelly Clarkson, too. I admit it and feel no shame.)

Jumbo Slice said...

I love 30 Rock. I first tuned in b/c I like Tina Fey, but Baldwin is the real star of the show. He's the funniest man on TV today. I wish The Office was still as good as 30 Rock, but it's not.

What is this Gossip Girl that you speak of? Is it on the WB or UPN or whatever the hell it's called? I can honestly say I've never seen a show on that channel (they merged into one channel right?).

Anonymous said...

It's on the new CW. All of the best of the WB and UPN combined! GOSSIP GIRL is like THE OC meets SEX AND THE CITY. So good! Well, good like eating at McDonald's: you know you shouldn't, but you cannot resist. And, you feel a bit ashamed. But, I get over it. Wednesdays at 8 (9 for you east coasters.)

I do love Tina Fey! But for MEAN GIRLS.

Jimbromski said...

As a sociopath I am incapable of feeling shame. But I've heard a lot about it.

Lest we forget King AB is also excellent in his dramatic roles. I dug him in The Edge with Hopkins. Best bear attack ever as the black dude from Lost gets owned by a racist grizzly.

Chip Chanko said...

To me, Gossip Girl is the new 92010. They bill it as this controversial sexy show but it's really just 90210. The parents are just like Jim and Pam Walsh and every episode ends with a feel-good message or lesson. It balances out the stress of watching Friday Night Lights.