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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Review Template

Jimbromski just sent this rather amusing email that I couldn't let go unpublished, slightly edited.

My review template from now on:

"On [INSERT DATE] my friends and I went to see [BAND] at [VENUE]. [BAND] was excellent and the crowd was friendly and good-looking. I spoke to [RC MEMBER] about how impressed I was with [BAND] and wondered when they would hit it big and take over the music world, because they've already taken over my heart. For a more substantive account of the show, please got to [other music blog.com]. RC Rating: Three hundred bazillion gazillion."

I will also post a picture of a kitty playing with a ball of yarn.

Let's not forget what this blog is for, peoples. Entertaining ourselves first, since 2006.

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