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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Concert Preview: Menomena w/ Ill-Annoying

This will be the third time most if us have seen Menomena. We consider this a very good thing, unlike our triple viewing of The Ponys. We first saw them at the R&R Hotel back in March and then caught their set at the Pitchfork Festival over the summer. The band has been hustle and flowing across the country and Europe ever since on what seems to be a never-ending tour.

The show tonight will be an interesting contrast of styles. Menomena are an experimental (and nerdy) three piece who bring the funk w/ a thick sax and plenty of sass. Each member plays multiple instruments and sings vocals. They have smart lyrics and a cool use of loops to create their unique sound. The layered vocals and wicked rhythm section make for an entertaining live show. In comparison, Illinois has a dooshbag for a lead singer. The choice is clear America. Vote Menomena.

Okay, to be fair to Illinois, they have a good EP but we found them extremely annoying the first time we saw them. Rock Club doesn't give out many mulligans. Don't blow this chance Illinois.


Potsy said...

I think that hand on the breast is fake. It's a little small, no?

Jumbo Slice said...

I don't know if it's fake, but it's not that guys hand. If you click the picture for the larger view you can see his arm resting across his waist.

It's either a girls hand (not shown in the picture) or they photoshopped the hand in. either way, it's a little freaky looking.

rob said...

Illinois is like college rock for college graduates who want to be in college still. Their set was quite lame. Menomena, on the other hand, was brilliant.