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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fucked Up

Last week I was on Rhapsody and saw Fucked Up had a new album out - The Chemistry of Common Life. I had read about them on Stereogum so I gave it listen. From the opening track, "Son The Father", I was hooked. It's been a long time since I've heard a hardcore record I liked this much.

On Tuesday the band played a 12-hour show in NYC to promote the new album. Guests that joined them for the marathon show included Les Savy Fav's Tim Harrington, Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig (covering the Ramones), J Mascis, Moby, and Vivian Girls. Check out Moby being all hardcore and shit:


Jimbromski said...

too many "fuck" bands these days, it's the new "wolf"

Jumbo Slice said...

Did you guys ever see the Ramones? While in college I drove up to DC to see them at The Bayou? This version of "Blitzkrieg Bop" is better than what the Ramones managed that night.

Holy Fuck and Fucked Up are both from Toronto.