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Monday, December 08, 2008

All You Soul-Searching People, C'mon

Nada Surf w/the Delta Spirit and the Jealous Girlfriends
9:30 Club
Dec. 5, 2008

Oh, hello there. My name is Jimbromski. It's been a while since I've posted. You may have wondered where I've been. My answer: mind your fuckin' business. People have been throwing around some big words about my hiatus. Words like "Thailand," words like "penis reduction surgery," and "out-of-network expense/high deductible." Look, just let me live my life, okay? Stop prying. I don't owe you anything.

Anything, except a review of the Nada Surf show on Friday. This one was particularly complex because Sacklunch and I each brought our wives along, as both Nada Surf and the Delta Spirit make cooch-friendly music. Thankfully I was able to convince my sister and her girlfriend to come over and babysit, but we were still late getting out the door. As military types like to say, with any plan, the enemy has a say, and in this case the enemy was my wife and little boy.

Since we started this blog we've sometimes gotten on the guest list for shows which means free tickets, which is nice. Since we're stand-up dudes we try to avoid milking this for shows with local bands, since I'm thinking as a 37-year-old professional I can probably handle the $10 charge for those. But this show was a little bigger so we decided to accept the offer that the Jealous Girlfriends' publicist proffered unto us. However, we have also learned that if a band gets you on the guest list, it's a dick move to show up late, miss their set, and use the tickets anyway. It's just not done.

But, as I mentioned, my wife and wiener kid made us late, so we decided to try it anyway. People are always pulling dick moves and getting away with it, so we figured, yo, it's hammer time, let's try this. Potsy took charge and went to the Will Call window:

Yeah, I have a plus-two, on the Jealous Girlfriends list.
You're at the wrong window.

Potsy continued to take charge, this time at the right window.

Yeah, I have a plus-two, on the Jealous Girlfriends list. Last name [REDACTED].
They already went on. Also, you're not on the list.

At this point he helpfully pressed the list against the booth window so Potsy could verify the double-donged beatdown. Ouch. At this point Potsy then went back to the original window to buy tickets:

I need one ticket, please.
You're at the wrong window.

Reasonably enough, Potsy didn't want to return to the site of his bitchification, so I had to step in make the transaction. In we went. Now, who's the bigger jackass here? The Jealous Girlfriends, for promising to put us on the list, and not doing so, or us, for attempting to take advantage of their goodwill? I suspect it's us so perhaps it serves us right. Doesn't mean we won't ever try it again, though. I think Jumbo Slice sent their publicist a semi-snippy e-mail before we could tell him that, umm, there's a bit of nuance to this situation, Jumbo. This also another effect of Jumbo Slice moving to Texas, he would have never allowed this to happen. He was our moral compass. At the very least he would have gotten there early to pick up the tickets AND watch the JG set and report back on it. Now look at us, playing fast and loose with ethics, like Nixon or something. Fuck.

Okay, so we missed the Jealous Girlfriends. By this point we're probably personae non gratae with them so I'll just move on now, okay?

We did see the whole Delta Spirit set, and they were wonderful. Ode to Sunshine is one of the best albums I heard in 2008, and the band delivered outstanding achievement in the field of excellence when we saw them at Austin City Limits and also at the Rock and Roll Hotel. Matt Vasquez has one of the best rock voices I've heard in quite a while. He also looks like a Depression-era hobo, whatwith the indie mustache and the mismatched earthtone suit. I think this band has the potential to crossover into massive hugeness a la Springsteen, or even just John Cougar --they're rootsy enough to appeal to the booboisie but alt enough not to seem too VH1. It's a tough mix to pull off but they make it look effortless. Go see these guys before they play the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Enter the headliners, Nada Surf. I only have one Nada Surf album--Let Go (2003)--but, oh my, what a nice album it is. Nada Surf were on the way to one hit wonderdom (remember "Popular" from 1996?) but managed to resurrect their career (as an aside, this was no thanks to Pitchfork; I generally like Pitchfork and think it's a useful site, but this review of Let Go was, to me, an infamous hatchet job). Bassist Daniel Lorca managed to shock everyone by taking the stage while smoking a cigarette--oh my god, doesn't he know there's a regulation against that? I was more shocked by his Klingon-like appearance.

Lt. Worf

Daniel Lorca

We only caught about four songs of their set--had to get back to the babysitters, you know--but I heard "Happy Kid" and "Inside of Love," so that was cool. I'm told they played "Blizzard of '77," which is a great one:

"Blizzard of '77"
Nada Surf (
Let Go, 2003)

So there you are. Another eventful night and some good music. I hate this cold weather though, because now you have to either check your coat, and wait in line to get it back after the show, or wear it and get hot during the show. I swear, I'm never happy and never will be.


Jimbromski said...

As an aside, Nada Surf is one of those "American bands that are somehow bigger in Europe than in America" bands. See also: Kings of Leon, The Killers, The Dandy Warhols, Jenny Lewis.

Sorry, I mean Jerry, not Jenny. My bad.

Jumbo Slice said...

Can I call dibs on that devil costume for my kid next year?

I'm glad Potsy didn't bring a date. Nothing worse than trying to look cool only to be "bitchified". I appreciate bands putting us on the guest list but it often turns out to be a pain in the cornhole.

Delta Spirit seem poised to blow up. I've seen their album on a bunch of "Best Of 2008" lists and the people love their live performances. I predict they'll raising their profile in 2009. Maybe a slot on SNL or one of them will date a famous actress. Look for it.

Someone needs to tell that doosh in Nada Surf to lose the dreds already. Even Lenny shaved his off - a LONG time ago. He looks like he should be in the Spin Doctors.

Jimbromski said...

I can't believe I left this out but something very disturbing happened at the show. I was going to the bathroom in one of the stalls (numero 1, obvs). Just stepped in and let it flow, and left the door open behind me. Suddenly I hear three knocks on the partition, coming from the adjacent stall.

I step out to wash my hands and find out it was Sack. Don't ever do that. I thought it was some sort of Larry Craig situation. It probably was, he was probably just gauging my interest and then was all like, hey, I was joking, when he saw how disgusted I was.

Anonymous said...

I like Nada Surf. More importantly, that baby is supercute! He even looks mischievous which is very authentic.

Anonymous said...

It's high-minded prose like "Double-donged beatdown" that keeps me coming back to this space. Good work.