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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Young and the Rest of us

Another Tuesday... let's enjoy another clip from Youtube, shan't we?

This clip reminds me of the story that sacklunch likes to tell every so often - the one where he and his family participate in Hands Across America - a virtual group hug for the nation.

I forget that in the 80s, someone kept telling rock stars that they could fix stuff by being photographed singing B-sides together.

Merry Christmas


Jumbo Slice said...

I love this video. It's fun for playing "Spot The Doosh". I used to think Phil Collins was the most annoying. Then Boy George vaulted into the top spot after imprisoning a dude and beating him with a chain. He makes George Michael look like a Jonas brother.

Also, this song would've been better had they asked Mike Tyson and Dan Aykroyd to participate.

Anonymous said...

we did Hands Across America, too! if i still had the tshirt i'd submit one of those headless torso shots you like to do.

video footage of the flaming underwear is fantastic. and i thought the 4 dudes in the bed was a shot from the last rockclub reunion.