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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brace Yourself DC

As reported by our good friends at PostRock, Billy Joel and Sir Elton John will perform at Nationals Park (home to the beleaguered Washington Nationals baseball club) on July 11th.

In honor of this spectacle, I bring you the following clip from a concert in Japan featuring the two penists.

Humor is a good thing. I'm for it. But there are a few times/places where laughter is not welcome.
1. Funerals. Despite what some might tell you there's no putting the "fun" back into funerals.
2. Sexy time. Laughing is not always welcomed here. Sometimes, yeah sure, of course. But silliness doesn't always help matters. (Nor does pointing and laughing, thank you).
3. Concerts. See the clip above. Thanks for making a joke of My Life. You're lucky you pulled this crap in front of the fun loving Japanese. Don't bring that shit to DC. We don't take kindly to fun around here.


Jumbo Slice said...

Something about this video makes me hate Billy Joel even more. I'm no "Sir" Elton John fan either. Instead of dueling pianos they should have a Fat Off - a contest for the most rotund. Starr Jones can judge it.

What I do love is all the Japanese dudes at the concert in their suits. Rock Club needs to try that.

Potsy said...

I'll defend Glass House all day long, but it doesn't mean I respect Billy Joel. To your point, they could rename their tour, Fat to Fat, and shed the Face to Face title. Ah shit, Farce to Farce, that would have been a better title for my post.