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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Concert Preview: Fujiya & Miyagi

I had so much fun at the Lykke Li show last week, I'm going back for more Electronica/Dance music. Tomorrow night Fujiya & Miyagi is playing with Project Jenny Project Jan at Emo's here in Austin. Fujiya & Miyagi, named after a record player and the Karate Kid guy, are four Krautrock loving dudes from Brighton, England. They've put out a new album, Lightbulbs, with the stick-in-your-brain song "Knickerbocker":

How can you not like that song? Sure, the lyrics are nonsensical but they're fun to say. Or maybe my brain is turning to mush after reading so many children's books over the past year.

Opening the show is the oddly named yet multi-talented Project Jenny Project Jan. I'm as anxious to see these guys as I am the headliners. They have a great sense of humor and I'm betting they have the crowd in a frenzy early on.

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Potsy said...

I'm actually listening to F&M's "Pussyfooting" thanks to WOXY right now.

I was an easy convert to the dudes with the Japanese sounding name. I like their subtle whispering with modern danceable tracks. But I don't feel like there's a whole lot more to this band than that. The sound is cool, but it's not enough to keep me coming back for more.