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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Saturday Scenery: The Deleted Scenes-Black Cat 3/28/09

I am going to keep this pretty brief, as I think we have written enough about this band over the last few months. We saw them play on the BC Backstage back in December and Jumboslice recently saw their SXSW show down in Austin and subsequently interviewed the band. In any case, the DC contingent ventured out on Saturday (with the addition of Mrs. Sacklunch and Potsy's affable friend from the Great White North) to check the band out again.

We missed the first opener as we were busy watching the US vs. El Salvador WCQ (that's World Cup Qualifier for all you hipster doofuses out that that are above watching sports), but caught a bit of 2nd opener The Drones. I enjoyed the first song I heard, the second one a bit less, and the by the third song, I was downstairs enjoying a smoke. I heard they played a really awful tune (at least to my wife's ears) while I was gone. Anyway, I am neither here nor there in regards to The Drones. Kind of meh. Also, the bass player played with her back to the crowd most of the set. I don't get that. Stage fright? Breakout of acne before the show? Shriveled twin? Turn around please, I don't want to see your ass all night.

Deleted Scenes came on around 11:30 to a decent crowd, about a 1/2 full upstairs, is my best guess. I have to say, I kind of like this band, one of the better DC bands out there. (Sorry, Telograph). I listened to a bit of their debut album, "Birdseed Shirt", and I think the live shows are much more interesting than the disc. Lead singer Dan Schuerman seemed really pleased to be playing on the main stage and the crowd seemed to be full of superfans. Probably the best song of the evening was "Turn to Sand", here is a little taste:

Definitely a band to watch. I am not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but the bass player has a striking resemblance to Lou Diamond Phillips with a "Berries and Cream Lad" haircut. I don't really get the "I Am Sam" reference, but Dan S. does look a slight bit mentally challenged when he sings, more Corky than Sam. Just sayin'....


Jumbo Slice said...

I think the bassist (Matt) looks like a young Bruce Arena (another soccer reference lost on the hipsters).

Since we're apparently transitioning from Rock Club to Grammar Club, I'll point out my moniker is Jumbo Slice, not Jumboslice.

Potsy said...

Jum-boss-liss. Sounds Greek.

Jimbromski said...

Jumbo's Lice

Jumbo Slice said...

Nice. Even better than D Crock Club.

Jumbo Slice said...

BTW, a better title for this review would've been Enjoying The Scenery.