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Friday, July 31, 2009

My Favorite Band (this week) - Peel

Regular readers know I'm oh-so-ghey for Peel. I've written about them many, many times. Is that about to change? The band might be taking a hiatus. Here's a post from their site:
Josh is moving to San Francisco. This means uncertain times for Peel, and we are sad that our friend is moving so far away, but it's also a opportunity for fresh starts, new sounds, and renewal.

What does "uncertain times" mean? Will they go on without Josh, reform as a new band called Squeal, or just hang it up altogether? We'll have to wait and see. They're supposed to release another EP (a follow up to the excellent Auguest Exhaust Pipes) so I'm guessing we haven't seen the last of Peel playing live.

Before Josh heads to California the band is having a big blowout party. And they're doing it Kid 'n Play style: a House Party (1522 E. 12th, Austin, TX). Five bucks gets you in with a cup for the kegs. On top of that you get top notch entertainment: Little Stolen Moments, {{{Sunset}}}, and, of course, Peel.