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Friday, September 04, 2009

My Favorite Band (this week) - WOXY!

Okay, WOXY isn't a band. It's a radio station and a damn good one at that. My favorite station in fact. When I heard they were moving to Austin I was stoked. They set up shop in South Austin not far from my house. Does that mean I'm going to barge in and demand that Shiv play Fugazi and Dismemberment Plan? Actually, yes, it does. This city is full of indie dooshes like me that'll be all up in their grill. Welcome to Austin suckers.

To celebrate their relocation WOXY is throwing a big Texas BBQ on Sunday at The Scoot Inn. It'll feature Black Before Red, TV Torso, English Teeth and Martin Crane. Hopefully, this is just the first of many WOXY sponsored shows.

In other Jumbo Slice news...despite my lack of posts I've been to quite a few shows recently. I've seen a bluegrass band, a funk-soul band, a metal band, and an indie show (no jazz though). Oh, and some guy called Elvis Costello. I'll post pictures this weekend.

Finally, good luck to Potsy in the Rock & Roll Half-Marathon this weekend! A little advice: load up on Imodium so you don't shit your pants. Trust me.


Anonymous said...

Hey Potsy--I recommend not looking at this pic:

Jimbromski said...

I also recommend not looking at that pic

Potsy said...

Good gravy, that's horrible.

sacklunch said...

Gravy indeed. What the fuck did that guy eat?
That reminds me of the shit I took at Cutlers wedding in the Blue Duck Tavern bathroom. Water.

Unknown said...

mmmm...chocolate anyone?