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Monday, July 02, 2007

Founders Day

Continuing on the previous post--this week sees the first anniversary of Rock Club.

But first, please join me as we honor America:

Like America, Rock Club was born in strife, of the efforts of giants. Here is our founding document, our Declaration of Independence. Remember when Nicolas Cage tried to steal this e-mail?

Okay, it's hard to read in it's original format. Here's the text:

In response to [Jumbo Slice's] e-mail regarding upcoming shows, I had a thought. Actually, I had a thought before seeing [Jumbo Slices] [sic] e-mail, but anyway. Being a married, middle-aged guy with a kid, I need some sort of weekly night out/escape from my domestic life. I like going to shows, you all like going to shows, so let's try to go to a show once a week. I propose that each week someone picks out a show they would like to see and then we all have to attend. I think it is a good excuse to get out of the house on a weekly basis, and [Potsy] can use the time to either listen to music, or ( [sic] in [Jumbo Slice's words, "crush some ass." Anyway, who's down? Let's discuss. BTW, I won't be in town the last week of July so I can't go see Axelson's band at Ft. Reno. I am going to try and listen to some of the other bands and see if I might want to check them out.

[Sack Lunch]

So it's only been one year, and yet in that short time DC Rock Club has accomplished more in that time than, say, Canada has accomplished since the British North America Act on July 1, 1867. Well done, men. Well done.

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