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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Some Quick Record & Single Reviews

Okay, before you ask, no, I'm not working. My project is between funding periods and I'm waiting for the client to get off their asses and renew it. I'm basically in what the Catholics call "limbo"--can't take vacation, but ain't got much to do. Hence my prolific posting.

In Camera, Arthur & Yu: I heard the song "Come To View (Song for Neil Young)" on KEXP on bought the album. These guys sound like the Mamas and the Papas, but maybe just a little more drugged out. I'll bet Arthur wears an Astrakhan hat like John Philips did. Standout tracks are the aforementioned "Come To View," as well as "Lion's Mouth" and "The Ghost of Old Bull Lee." As far as shows, no dice--two shows in Washington state, then they're off to Japan. They'd be perfect for the Galaxy Hut. (Review: Pitchfork)

Astronomy For Dogs, The Aliens: As I mentioned in a prior post, these guys are the rump of the Beta Band and Lone Pigeon. If you liked those two bands, you'll like this, though not as much as their forebears. There's some sort of drama with iTunes, for some reason they're only selling eight tracks of the 11 track album. Best songs are "Setting Sun," "Robot Man," and "I Am The Unknown." "I Am The Unknown" is basically the "Dry The Rain" riff, which was also reprised on Lone Pigeon's Concubine Rice. Oh well, it's a great song, go ahead and do the John Fogarty and plagiarize yourselves. (Reviews: AMG, Pitchfork)

Imagine Our Love, Lavender Diamond: This one's been out for a while (well, May 07). Also, I am officially a gay man who loves Broadway, caberet and Judy Garland. I couldn't resist, the chick's voice is absolutely lovely. I could see this band playing the Birchmere (for $47.50 minus service fees, of course). The album drags in parts but the best songs are top-notch: see "Here Comes One" and "Oh No." Actually, on second thought, this band is perfect for Galaxy Hut as well. (Reviews: AMG, Pitchfork)

"Shopping For Blood," Franz Ferdinand: Off of the 2003 Darts of Pleasure EP. I'd heard this a couple of times and finally bought it. Sinister tempo with Alex Kapranos sounding like a mix of Iggy Pop and Mark E. Smith. It rules. (Reviews: AMG, Pitchfork)

"I Heard It Through The Grapevine," The Slits: Off of their 1979 album Cut. A great cover of a song that everyone's fucking tired of. I was upset that the only vid I could find on YouTube was of this song as the soundtrack to some goof playing Metal Gear Solid 3 on his xBox, but after watching it I'm thinking Metal Gear Solid 3 looks like a pretty boss video game. (Reviews: AMG, Pitchfork)


Unknown said...

i hate you...

Potsy said...

I don't know Kevin, but he has a point.

Still, I enjoyed the Slits cover when you played it on our Chicago trip. The video game clip is pretty cool, and even though a child in utero could out play me, I suggest that we have a RC video-game night. We can select the best games with good soundtracks, or even better, play games where you get to load your own music behind it. Perhaps something to consider after Jimbromski Jr. arrives.