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Thursday, July 05, 2007

I Am One...who's intrigued

The rumor of a surprise Smashing Pumpkins show at the 9:30 Club is true. The show is Tuesday, July 10th and tickets go on sale Friday morning at 10 AM via Tickets.com . They haven't said how much it'll cost but there is a two ticket limit per person. The question is whether we should even care.

I was a big fan when they released Gish and Siamese Dream. Things have gone downhill considerably since then. Anything Corgan has touched in the past 7 years has been a train wreck (remember Zwan?). However, I'm curious to see what the reformed band can do. Anyone else interested in getting tickets?


Chip Chanko said...

We're going. I've never been a big fan except for having Siamese Dream in 1993. I party just was curious if we could snag tickets.

Chip Chanko said...

Scratch that...you are in.