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Friday, February 08, 2008

Odds and Ends

Some random stuff for everyone before the weekend starts.

  • ETIQUETTE: Kudos to Sacklunch for his Super Furry Animals review. He raised the hot button issue of people who sit on the risers on the upper level at the 9:30 Club who object when people then stand against the railing in front of them. To quote Sack, "i am really MAD at peeple whom sit down onn the 2econd floor of 9:30!! and then you trie to stand on thee ra1ling and they gett all angry these people SUCK I hate them 111011 one one 1 one." Well put, Sack. My position on this is that there are in fact two separate spots here--your seat on the riser, and the railing spot. You can't sit on one and prevent people from standing on the railing, as to do so would mean that you are in effect taking up two spots with your solitary fat ass. Not only is this rude but it also violates the laws of physics, because as we know matter cannot simultaneously occupy two spots at the same time. To do so risks causing a split in the space/time continuum and if a black hole opens up at the 9:30 and swallows the universe, we'll fucking know who to blame.
  • WHOA, CANADA: Oftentimes I find myself irritated by Canadians. I love hearing about how Americans are so nationalistic/jingoistic/fascistic, especially when this lecture is delivered by some jizzhead from Toronto who apparently cannot leave his igloo without plastering various maple leaf patches, stickers and iron-ons all over his body. But most of the time I look upon our northern neighbors with gentle indifference. When they start talking about health care and the War of 1812, I tousle their hair and say, run along, Canadians, adults are talking.
USA, with Canada attached
    They do have some good bands, though. WOXY has been playing a group called The Whitsundays that I think sound pretty good. Their sound falls somewhere on the Syd Barret/Clientele/Stone Roses continuum. I like a good fake English accent. I couldn't find any videos but here's their MySpace page. Here's a clip, too..."Sorry James":
  • WOE, CANADA: Just when I start liking Canada, I am again reminded of their essential lameness. I was playing blast off with my son the other day, which consists of me lying on the ground, putting him on my stomach, counting down, and then lifting him in the air while I make a rocket engine sound. After a few reps the rocket engine sound was making my throat sore so I switched to singing rocket-themed songs to him. I went through "Major Tom," "Satellite of Love," "Rocket" (Def Leppard!), until for some reason from my cerebellum sprang forth the lines "turn that dial, all the way/shoot me like a rocket, into space..." Oh yeah, Loverboy! "Lovin' Every Minute of It"--I have to admit I like this song. Not like, I own a CD or anything, but if I were in a bar and someone played this on the jukebox, I would probably say, hey, nice choice. I looked up the video and had a good laugh, those Loverboy guys were some goofy fuckers:

  • WHAT TIME IS IT? It's 4:20, according to Lawrence Welk. Notice the little cough when as he introduces the song. They were totally hitting his skull bong backstage before this performance:


KCG said...

I love when people in red and white suits sing country-ish songs about Jesus.

This show reminds me that civilizations do, in fact, evolve.

Jimbromski said...

I found that video at the Onion AV Club.

What's it mean to be one toke over the line? Is that where you're so stoned you shit your pants? Man, should have skipped that last hit.