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Friday, February 01, 2008

Shitty Songs of the Decades

My last post got us all thinking about the worst songs of the 1990s. Now I'm thinking, why stop there? Let's go through every decade.

My nominee for the 1960s is "Spinning Wheel," by Blood, Sweat and Tears (note the omission of the Oxford comma).

It's a ridiculous song with too many jazz influences. I get the feeling that the members of this band all sat around and said something like, "hey, the kids love psychedelia--let's give 'em some of that!"

Here's a video. Enjoy the awfulness.

Okay, if you watched that video you probably realize that was just someone who added their own audio track over a real video. It's an intentional goof. But really, what's the difference from the real thing?

Please submit your vote for worst song from the 1960s in the comments.


sacklunch said...

I would have to do a little more research to get some better answers, but off the top of my head (I think these are all from the 60's)

"Soul Man"
"Mustang Sally"
"Good Lovin'"

All three of these songs were banned (by me) from being played at our wedding. There is nothing worse than seeing a bunch of white, middle-aged folk dance to these 3 songs.

I will add that one of my parents friends aka "The King of Real Estate" did a handstand on the dancefloor at our wedding. It was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Anything by the Gentry's....the band that the "Mouth Of The South" Jimmy Hart was in (yes....that same Jimmy Hart)...anything by Dusty Springfield

Jimbromski said...

I had to look up the Gentrys but can confirm they did in fact suck.

Bobbie Gentry, on the other hand...I dig that "Ode to Billy Joe":


Steve said...

This is actually the first Legion of Rock Stars video that I've seen that made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Off the top of my head:
"Build Me Up Buttercup" by the Foundations
"The End" by the Doors
"Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" by Steam

In my opinion or IMO to you hi-tech kids ))--(( the 60s are the least offensive years of the rock era.
But these songs still really suck.

Also, Mustang Sally was banned at my wedding, too.

Jimbromski said...

+5 points for use of ass-to-ass emoticon

jp23 said...

I usually get steamed when I hear Steam.

Was Groovy Kind Of Love (the original, not Phil Collins, although that sucked too)in the
60's? Well, it sucked in any era.

What about Hanky Panky?

Anonymous said...

"Ferry Cross the Mersey" by Gerry and the Pacemakers. It's really dumb.

I am getting married in a few months; thanks for letting me know to ban "Mustang Sally" on the dane floor. I thought it was about the astronaut until I was in college.

G.H. said...

Groovy Kind of Love is definitely a Sixties cut, by the Mindbenders (aka Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders, who also did "Game of Love", a classic).

I don't think any of these are that bad, and personally own and appreciate that BST album. There are far worse songs of the decade. My nominees:

Judy in Disguise (With Glasses) - John Fred and His Playboys

Yummy Yummy Yummy - Ohio Express

Rhythm of the (Falling) Rain - The Cascades

Sacklunch, how can you put Good Lovin in a category with this drivel? In my estimation, one of the hundred greatest tunes of all time.

sacklunch said...

Are you the same guy that likes "Radio Song" by REM, or is that your blogmate..

I agree that Good Lovin is not as bad as the rest of this so called drivel, but I still can't stand that fucking song. I've been to one too many a wedding where that song is played , either via DJ or live band. It grates on my nerves like nails on a chalkboard. Top 100? That's a stretch.