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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rocketship Park

I want to introduce our extremely large readership to a fairly new band, Rocketship Park, out of the new hipster capital of the universe, Brooklyn, NYC. The music is country-tinged folk/rock, somewhat similar to Wilco. In a way, it reminds me a bit of local band Revival (who recently opened for Buffalo Tom). I picture Jumboslice listening to Rocketship Park while sipping a latte on the porch of his Austin bungalow, while discussing politics with his crunchy neighbors.
Full disclosure: Josh Kaufman, the singer/songwriter behind Rocketship Park is my first cousin and extremely talented musician. He has always played a roots/folk/rock style of music, but this is definitely his best work to date. Check it out.


sacklunch said...

I got the Revival disc last night, and have been listening to it today. Rocketship Park sounds nothing like Revival. I think I will stick with the Wilco comparasion.

Potsy said...

Shameless plug for your cousin's band. Isn't this the same guy who "taught" Paul Banks how to play the guitar?

sacklunch said...

Nothing wrong with a shameless plug. He is a talented guy. If he was in a band like Telograph, I wouldnt say anything, but I like his music. As for Paul Banks, I will have to ask him about that. They apparently were friends growing up...I will get the full story. BTW, Paul Banks is the lead singer for Interpol.

Jumbo Slice said...

I checked out the picture on myspace and it's clear which guy is your cousin. You look a lot alike.

Steve said...

Shameless plug or not, I like this.