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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Concert Preview: The Raconteurs

Potsy and Sacklunch are going to the 9:30 tonight to see the Raconteurs. I chose not to go because I don't like the Raconteurs $50 worth. I like them, maybe $35 worth.

We have a Rock Club rule that all shows must be $20 or under, but if the majority votes to waive the rule, then it's waived. Since Jumbo Slice moved to Texas, it's easier to assemble a two man majority.

The Raconteurs are good but they're not even a proper supergroup. Webster's Dictionary defines "supergroup" as a "rock music group composed of members who had already achieved fame or respect in other groups or as individual artists." And I would like to add "...and are consistently less than the sum of their parts." The Greenhornes and Brendan Benson are not famous enough to make the Raconteurs a supergroup. Ever since Velvet Revolver broke up, there's only one supergroup on the scene, and that's the Jicks, and even that's a bit of a stretch because once you move beyond Malkmus and Weiss, the other two members are pretty D-list.

Regardless, it should be a good show. I like what I've heard so far from the new album.

Here's a clip of Arnold Schwarzenegger providing the DVD commentary track for Conan the Barbarian. It's pretty funny, someone condensed it into two minutes. It includes the following insights from Arnold:

Look at dat attack

The whole place is burning down

Look at dat, it’s total hypnosis. Look at dat.

I was getting laid a lot, in this movie. It was amazing.

Look at her with the snakes. See how she holds the snakes?

Oh, this is where the orgy...takes place.

Look at this, when he becomes the snake.

And she’s in ecstasy, she’s on drugs.

And she’s gonna...she’s gonna die now.

Now comes this attack.

Now I get hypnotized. See, I’m looking down.

Now I’m carrying her off.

Here's the video:

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sacklunch said...

I agree, the pricetag is pretty high for a show at the 930 Club. That being said, I do enjoy seeing "bigger" bands at smaller venues, especially when they are sold out.

Though not a proper supergroup, they do play some good, old rock and roll and it should make for a fine evening out.

We also get to see The Black Lips for the 26th time.....