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Friday, May 09, 2008

Concert Preview: Radiohead

I've never heard of this band but we're going nevertheless. The normal Rock Club $20 price cap for shows has been suspended by mutual agreement.

That's Why You're Stuck in the Reserves: Thom Yorke, head down, dribbling himself into trouble

For no apparent reason, here are some good videos. Man, I love YouTube.

  1. "Can The Can," Suzy Quatro. Glitter, glam, whatever. Good song. Later went on to play Leather Tuscadero on Happy Days.

  2. "Cherry Bomb," The Runaways. Lita Ford and Joan Jett in all their nubile glory. Lead singer in her underwear. Approve. By the way, whatever happened to L7?

  3. "Ballroom Blitz," Sweet. I saw Krokus open for Sammy Hagar on Hagar's Voice of America tour in 1985 at Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri. They did this song. I didn't know it was a cover. I was 13 years old.


Anonymous said...

No love for Bobby Convey?

Jimbromski said...

Nah, I like Bob, just like I like all the former DC players who've moved on (ex. Freddy).

I must point out however that he has gone from starting, to spot minutes, to the bench this season, for a team that looks like it's going to be relegated. We'll know more after tomorrow's games, I guess. To be fair, he came back from the World Cup with a knee injury and hasn't been the same player since.

I need to start a soccer blog, as a side project.