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Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday, Monday

I thought a fun project for today would be to make a terrible mix. I had to resist the temptation to put songs on there that I hate, but really enjoy hearing (purportedly to "make fun of them" or just to "enjoy them ironically" but the truth is that I don't hate them, I like them--see "Mmmm Bop," Hanson. Not ashamed, yo).

These are songs I just fucking hate, and never want to hear. I put this together pretty quickly. I think there's definitely room for more volumes--I completely left out the Grateful Dead. Two songs I just now realized I should have included: "Come to Papa" by Bob Seger and "Satellite" by the Dave Matthews Band. Also there's some Cure songs I despise.

I also tried to leave out the obvious. So you hate Creed? Get in line. Clay Aiken? Easy target. At this blog we try to speak truth to power. Power, such as Joan Osborne.

We should do this every Monday. Anyway, behold The Gitmo List: Songs That Violate The Geneva Conventions:

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Jimbromski said...

Actually, I'm kind of liking the Butterfly song now that I'm listening to it. This is a fresh new sound.

Jimbromski said...

Shit, I also forgot "Closing Time" by those douchebags, I can't remember their names

sacklunch said...

Have you listened to the version of "Losing My Religion" that you posted. Me thinks it's not Micheal Stipe singing. It sounds like Corky.

Jimbromski said...

Yeah, I just listened to it, that's funny as shit. I like the Corky version better than the original, it seems more from the heart.

sacklunch said...

"Closing Time" is by 90's power-rockers Semisonic.

That song is worse than anything you have on your current list. (except for maybe "Story of a Girl")

Jumbo Slice said...

I agree, the Corky version is definitely better.

Nice job on the list. I can't argue with any of your choices. I was surprised Mambo #5 didn't make the list.

Jimbromski said...

Keep posting shitty songs, I'll put them in next Monday's playlist.

Chris DeBurgh, "Lady In Red"
Meat Loaf--entire catalog
Savage Garden--can't remember the name
No Doubt

Jimbromski said...

I can picture all of these songs being played at one of Sacklunch's parents' parties, with all the Yacht Clubbers bobbing their heads to the beat

Jumbo Slice said...

"Meet Virginia" by Train.
Anything by Jimmy Buffett.

sacklunch said...

I would say you could include anything by Train, for example:
"Calling All Angels"
"Drops of Jupiter"

I guarantee Potsy has at least one Train CD in that fine collection of his...

Potsy said...

i love all of these songs

Jimbromski said...

It's telling that although you were burgled recently, the burglars didn't touch your CD collection, nor did they filch your collection of rare and valuable 1990s tour shirts. They're probably planning a return visit for your Mr Bungle box set.

sacklunch said...

Anything off of the album "Big Ones" by Aerosmith. I'm talking about:
"Janie's Got a Gun"
"Love In an Elevator"
"What It Takes"
"Rag Doll" (though "Rag Doll" is not as bad as the previous 4)

Antime I hear one of those songs I want to stick an icepick into my eardrum.

Anonymous said...

That Escape Club song really sucks. Thanks for reminding me.

"Good Thing" by Fine Young Cannibals. Bleh.

Of course, many of your songs I like.

rob said...

now i have that fucking "story of a girl" song stuck in my head. i hate you, dc rock club. i hate you soooooo much.

Jimbromski said...

Rob, we're depending on you and other commenters to suggest songs for volume II.

I want to hand deliver these mixes to the CIA and say, as a patriotic American, I would like you guys to use these in the fight against al Qaeda. Play at loud volume and if they don't surrender call in air strikes.

Anonymous said...

"Steal My Sunshine"--??? (I refuse to look it up.)
So many bad ones--Achy-Breaky Heart, The Thong Song. These all make me want to stick a pen in my ear.

Jimbromski said...

Ass2Ass, I believe "Steal My Sunshine" was by Canadian group Len.

Please keep them coming. I just got home from work and saw that Sacklunch left a message on my answering machine saying that he "heard a song for the list that's playing on the radio right now and I don't want to forget it...it's called "Joey" and I don't know who it's by but it's probably Evanescence or someone of that ilk..."

sacklunch said...

That song by Len isnt that bad. They had that cool video with the dude riding around on a Vespa.

The song "Joey" is by Concrete Blonde. It is a terrible song, and for some reason reminds me of 4 Non Blondes and their excellent song "What's Up?".

Anonymous said...

Sack--I totally disagree. "Steal My Sunshine" is awful. The weird pseudo-reggae guitar/synth chunka-chunka sound, the annoying chick singer--just thinking about it is making my skin crawl.

What I think is more interesting would be to hear about horrible songs by bands that you like. Jimbromski, you mentioned the Cure. What song?

sacklunch said...

Mr. Ass2Ass:

Horrible songs by bands I like? For starters:

-"Radio Song" and "Stand" by REM (goofy...)
- "La La Love You" by The Pixies (annoying..)
-"All Tomorrows Parties" by The Velvet Underground (grating....)

Jimbromski said...

Bad Cure songs include:

Pictures of You
Friday I'm In Love
Love Cats

I like the early stuff better, I guess.

Sack, I like Concrete Blonde, they weren't bad.

We should expand this feature into "When Bad Songs Happen to Good Bands", "When Good Songs Happen to Bad Bands", and the continuing volumes of the Gitmo Mix.

sacklunch said...

I am listening to "Love Cats" right now. It is indeed bad. Not as bad as "Friday I'm In Love", yet still bad nonetheless...

You like Concrete Blonde? Are you sure you aren't confusing them with 4 Non Blondes....

"And so I cry sometimes when I'm lying in bed
Just to get it all out what's in my head
And I am feeling a little peculiar
And so I wake in the morning and I step outside
And I take a deep breath
And I get real high
And I scream from the top of my lungs
What's goin' on
And I say, hey hey hey hey
I say hey, what's going on?"

G.H. said...

Closing Time is just not that bad. Also not that bad was Semisonic's follow-up, Singing in My Sleep, or something like that. One Week, Butterfly, though -- awful.

To this I would add a relatively new choice. The same guy who does Butterfly also does a song with Paul Oakenfold called Starry Eyed Surprise. I believe it featured in a Diet Coke commercial. It plays at my gym constantly. Its terrible.

Anonymous said...

When Bad Songs Happen to Good Bands, Classic Rock Edition:

Kashmir--Led Zeppelin
Baby you Can Drive My Car--Beatles
Harlem Shuffle--Rolling Stones
Lay, Lady, Lay--Bob Dylan

I hatehateHATE all of these songs.

Anonymous said...

"Monkey" by George Michael. "Wheel in the Sky" by Journey. "Bye, Bye, Bye" by NSuck.

Anonymous said...

anything by creed