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Monday, May 11, 2009

Wye Oak and Pomegranates

Quick preface to my review: Wye Oak and Pomegranates play the Black Cat backstage this evening. Yeah, I know, it's Monday. You're tired from the weekend, yada, yada. Take my advice: get off your ass, get out the door, and go see these bands. How good were they? Put it this way: I skipped a viewing of The Room at the Alamo Drafthouse to attend the show. Go see Wye Oak tonight. You can thank me later.

Once again I'm pressed for time so I'm basing this review on my Twitter comments. Lazy? Yes, but what else would you expect from us?


10:11 PM - at @mohawkaustin for Wye Oak. Salesman playing now. I dig them playing on floor w/ the crowd.

10:17 PM - Salesman are a drummer-guitar duo that doesn't play garagey blues rock. More spacey-psychedelia w/ rock jams.

I didn't stay for much of their set but I liked what I saw. They set up their gear in the middle of the room and just started jamming away. Looking at them I expected a White Stripes sound but they went in a totally different direction. The songs were moody and wandering. Good stuff all around.


10:54 PM - Pomegranates onstage. Thought they had a girl singer. Nope. Just a high pitched dude.

11:00 PM - Pomegranates - Bloggy eunuch rock. Sounds bad but it's actually quite good.

I seriously thought they had a female singer. His singing reminded me of Dirty On Purpose, which gives me an excuse to post this picture of Sacklunch and Potsy's doppelgangers:

11:14 PM Pomegranates drummer very animated. It's hysterical. Like fast paced miming without the face paint or being French.

11:15 PM - Oh and he has a budding mullet as well. Hockey haircut WIN.

The drummer was by far the most amusing but the whole band put on quite a show. Each song was catchy, perfect pop music fun. I made a lot of dooshy Twitter comments (I dislike the terms "Tweets") about these guys but they were great. Seriously. I defy you to see them live and not like them. I've been listening to their albums almost nonstop since the show.


11:48 PM - Brazos takes stage. I'm seeing these guys on Friday as well. They're doing a taping of Austin City Limits.

Brazos played the Austin City Limits Stage Left program at our local PBS station on Friday (review later in the week). I didn't even realize they were also playing with Wye Oak until the day of the show. The only other time I'd seen them was at a "secret" show in the middle of some woods. I was given sketchy directions - drive to a remote park, follow train tracks for quarter of a mile, listen for the music. I eventually found a huge group of people drinking beer, smoking dope, and listening to music. Unfortunately, after two songs by Brazos it started to downpour and we all scattered for our cars. End of secret outdoor party.

11:59 PM - Brazos - effortless and beautiful voice. I want to say something snarky but just can't. It's great stuff.

12:04 AM - Just one snarky comment. Drummer looks like Sulu from Star Trek. OK I'm done.

12:11 AM - Singer has played whole set w/ his fly down.

12:17 AM - Brazos closes w/ a rocking tune called Interlocking. Great set. Looking forward to the ACL taping.

I'll have more to say on Brazos when I review their Stage Left performance but must add they were terrific on this night. They instantly became one of my favorite Austin bands.


12:48 AM - Super excited for the new tunes from Wye Oak. Here's one now!

Take It In - Wye Oak

"Take It In" is the first single off their forthcoming album The Knot (out on Merge Records July 21st). I could not be more excited for this release. I'll be at Waterloo Records on the 21st to pick up my copy. "Take It In" sounded great live as did all the other new tunes.

1:08 AM - Wye Oak plays an amazing cover of Neil Young. Of course anything Jen sings sounds incredible.

They covered "Pocahontas" by Neil Young & Crazy Horse off their Rust Never Sleeps album (the one with "Hey Hey My My"). I love when a band includes a interesting cover song to their live show. Excellent choice by Wye Oak.

James Lipton on Inside the Actor's Studio often (always? not sure since I really don't watch) asks his guests, "What's your favorite sound?" The people usually respond with something lame like "a child's laughter". If asked I'd answer, "Jenn Wasner's voice as it trails off, just before the drums crash in and guitar feedback begins." I love the contrast of her soulful voice and the band's loud, layered dissonance. It often sounds as if there are 5 or 6 people playing instead of just two. Speaking of which...

1:22 AM - Andy playing three instruments at once. He's like a one man band...who happens to be in a band.

Andy Stack is one talented dude. He carries the rhythm section all by himself and does it well. It was cool to see people stare in disbelief as he played drums, keyboard, and blew into some horn-thingee all at once. My only disappointment was the band did not play longer. Hopefully, they'll tour again over the summer and make their way back to Austin.

Final note, the band was selling posters made especially for the show (see image above). I snagged one to put in my daughters room. Sacklunch decorated his kids rooms with a bunch of very cool indie rock posters and I'm stealing his idea.


Super Zoe said...

Cool! Now I know what to get Babyslice for her birthday! Hmmm...Kelly Clarkson or Justin Timberlake?! Choices...

Jumbo Slice said...

I'd be okay with a JT poster. Did you see him on SNL this week? He's a funny dude.

Unknown said...

depending when animal collective ends i might be able to catch a couple songs, but doubtful. they're pretty good, though, another fine merge romance band.

Jumbo Slice said...

Double dipping on Animal Collective? Can't say I blame you. Wish I had bought tix for their Austin show.

Unknown said...

Well, y'know, I was working the first one, so that means for the second one I could "enjoy" it more.