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Monday, June 16, 2008

Josh Homme Loses His Nut

Saw this on Stereogum--Josh Homme went on a tirade against some Norwegian dweeb who was throwing shit at him.

I think this falls under my banter policy--you have a mic, you make your wry observations, your witty jokes, you think you're Jon Stewart, or, in this case, you go apeshit. It's always a one-way conversation and you're rarely as interesting as you think you are.

That said, don't throw shit at the band, because they may throw crap back at you. So consider it a wash.


Potsy said...

Carlo Von Sexron is a twat. That probably wasn't even the same kid wearing a hat...with black hair. Real descriptive...doosh.

Jimbromski said...

Carlo Von Sexron, had to look that one up

sacklunch said...

Check out this clip that someone posted on the 930 Club board (go to minute 4:30):

Apparently, this isn't the first time Josh Homme has had shit thrown at him in Europe....

Jimbromski said...

Still not sure what to make of all this...those guys are dicks for throwing shit and once he brings them up you can obviously see they're morons.

I think I'd respect an Axl Rose-style dive into the crowd and start swinging thing more than the whole "I'm the ringleader of this circus and now we are all going to mock you" thing that Homme does.