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Monday, June 23, 2008

New Releases, Pt. II

And now for the rest of my list...

Albums I'll Listen To Again:

8. Arm's Way, Islands - "In The Rushes" harks back to the Unicorns. That's good thing. A very good thing. Still, I find Islands as a band very disappointing. They barely escaped the Overrated category. I'm going to see them today at Waterloo Records here in Austin. Honestly, I'm going for the free beer as much as I am the band. Speaking of Waterloo Records...

7. Rook, Shearwater - I saw them perform at Waterloo Records and I'll admit they put on an impressive performance. I just can't get past singing voice. When Jonathan Meiburg goes all falsetto it's irritating. I lump Shearwater in the same category as The Decemberists - excellent musicians, smart lyrics, annoying singing style that makes it hard for me to fully appreciate them.

6. The Hann-Byrd EP, Oxford Collapse - Austin has a plethora of free shows. Oxford Collapse is playing with Frightened Rabbit and Peel (how's that for a triple bill?) on Thursday night at Mohawk. And it's free. Why? I have no idea. I don't question these things, I just go. Oh, what about the EP? Let's just say it's better than Shearwater but not as good as...

5. The Bake Sale EP, Cool Kids - Reminds me of the rap I grew up listening to: Public Enemy, Run-DMC, some LL Cool J.

Albums Instantly Saved To My Permanent Library:

4. This Is Not The World, The Futureheads - These guys are alright in my book. I hope they come to Austin sometime. I've always wanted to see them live.

3. At Mount Zoomer, Wolf Parade - They have a bunch of solid side projects - Frog Eyes, Handsome Furs, Sunset Rubdown, Swan Lake - but none of those bands can match what Wolf Parade does.

2. Feed The Animals, Girl Talk - The samples of Journey, Dexy's Midnight Runner, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers seem forced (or just plain stupid) but the mixes of Aphex Twin, Wu-Tang, The Cure and Radiohead (blasphemous for some) work great. I love Girl Talk but he's due for the inevitable blogophere backlash. The pattern for blogs towards indie music is very predictable. I fully expect this album to be panned despite that it's nearly as good as Night Ripper, which was widely praised.

1. Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes - Loved them in concert and can't wait for their show here in Austin.


Jimbromski said...

Good to hear the F-heads album is good, also the songs I've heard fr Wolf Parade seemed pretty good too (actually all I've heard is Language City but I thought it was a great song).

To rewind to your earlier post, Spiritualized are living off of "Ladies & Gentlemen..." which in fairness is a legendary album. I got the new album and you're correct, it's just average. They've got some good songs since Ladies but we're talking albums, not singles.

Steve said...

Spend a little time with Stay Positive.

I didn't really care for it either when I first listened to it. But on repeated listening it's really grown on me. It's an album that you really need to listen to straight through to enjoy. Only 3-4 songs are really strong enough in their own right for standalone listening, but as a whole it actually works really, really well. (IMO, of course.)